– a worldwide family is a worldwide family of web hosting experts is a fully remote, global team, building the world's fastest-growing Open Source Hosting environment. With flexible working hours and worldwide remote distribution from Auckland, Zürich, and on to California, what’s it like to work for

25 + employees based in more than 8 countries welcome you at English is our common but by no means the only language. Each of us works remotely from our homes/cafes/beaches but are in constant contact with each other around the world. As we are fully remote, you won’t find a traditional offshore team in our distributed group, but you will find a group of cool and smart individuals based all over the world. team culture

Our backgrounds vary greatly. Some of us are from the corporate world, others have only ever lived and breathed the startup life. Some of us have settled roots in our home country, some of us are nomads. While our work experience and educational paths vary, you’ll find a common thread between everyone at, one of expertise, curiosity, and a quest for knowledge. We also share respect, kindness, and a drive for continuous learning and improvement.

It’s this common thread that helps breed a sense of togetherness and purpose that allows us to keep a close culture while working from all over the world. Naturally, the tools we use are key too, Slack and Zoom are our preferred ways to remain in close contact: enabling open business discussions, virtual social events, or just catching up with your buddy across the world over a coffee.

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The fast-evolving and distributed nature of our work requires flexibility from us all. So do our lives. 

We all work flexible hours based on our work and personal needs. Some days are busy, or we’ll have a call with our colleagues on the other side of the globe and we’re not able to finish at 5 pm. Other days are quieter and we can take a break in the middle of the day for a  personal appointment or event, spending time with our families, or even (with colleagues in New Zealand, Australia, and Cape Town), a quick surfing expedition.

Flexibility works both ways at Our business requires it, but so do our personal commitments. We find our work ethic is one of high expectations, but also high levels of trust, freedom, and support. 

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The Work 

At our core, we focus on Open Source Hosting and Containerization solutions, which means an ever-changing environment. We meet these challenges with both our flexibility and expertise across the board – from the systems engineers deep in our code to our operations team. Each team contributes to ensuring the smooth running of the business, and we all employ an open, questioning mind and a drive to go that extra mile. We focus on working smarter, not harder.. 

This is where our curiosity comes into play. The fast pace of our work and the smaller size of our team creates opportunities for us to always look at new ways of doing things, and allows us to react quickly to the evolution of tech and the market. Our technical teams are constantly able to review our services and products and are given the time to research and innovate.

The pace is no slower and the opportunities no smaller for the less technically focused. As we grow, our sales and marketing team are busy innovating themselves, while HR is scaling up hiring and is focused on maintaining our unique culture. The work is demanding, but there’s a constant exciting buzz that makes facing those challenges feel like a unifying purpose for the team. We also make time to have a lot of fun together, even from a distance. pets Slack channel

The Future

From our beginnings as a part of Amazee Group four years ago, we have seen progressive growth of both our team and the demand for our skills and services in the market. It’s time for the next step. We’re growing our team, building up more specializations, and expanding our proposition. It’s an exciting time for us! 

We’re working hard on keeping at the forefront of our industry and looking at new ways of doing it. While growing our team and our ambitions, we are always conscious of keeping this a great place to work. 

As we move forward into this next stage, feel free to check out our careers page and see if there’s something that interests you. Become the next Amazee!