branches out into ten new countries

Earlier this year we announced that would be making every Drupal developer’s life easier. In order to make that happen, we started by making available in more places.

We are excited to announce that is now available in over ten countries around the world, spanning three major continents.

In addition to the United States, Switzerland, and South Africa, is now available in France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey, India, and Canada.

I have to say I am very excited to offer our services to developers in countries where it has been difficult to find Drupal specific hosting options. I know developers would love to free up some time to focus on building amazing web solutions and let go of DevOps work. entered the Drupal hosting market only four months ago (May 2016) after providing hosting services to Amazee Labs, a global Drupal specialist, for nearly seven years.

The platform was created to serve the Amazee group’s requirement to host locally for clients with high data privacy regulations. Today, the system is being used by external Drupal agencies both on servers and also within clients datacenters around the world.

Our pricing structure has also gained some attention for its simplicity: when you sign up for services you only need to choose between two tiers, either a compact server or a cluster set up.

Not every site needs a fully redundant cluster. Pricing is based on hits to your site, you only pay for what you use — it’s a true cloud solution.

Check us out at and see if we are the right fit for your business!

- Johanna