at Texas Camp 2017

In the beginning of June, just before Austin begins actual summer (100°F or higher), I attended Texas Camp as both a speaker and volunteer. The team sponsored the camp and three members of our team gave presentations, myself included.

I gave an updated version of my keynote from Iceland, Drupal and the Cooperative Edge, which was recorded and is now available on YouTube. I appreciated the opportunity to talk about my experience serving the Drupal community during my years at the Drupal Association, the cooperative edge Drupal has to offer, and suggestions on how we can continue to grow while preserving what we have on the community level.

Michael Schmid presented, A look into a possible Future for all of us: React, GraphQL and Drupal and Tyler Ward gave, This is not a test: What you should know about containers. Both videos are available online.

The event was well organized by local Texan Drupal community members, including a few from our Amazee Labs Austin location.

This was my son Daniel’s his first Drupal event, and I am sure it will not be the last. He finds our world interesting and he enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer and test drive VR goggles one of our sponsors had on display.

2017 Texas Camp Group Photo. Image courtesy Kendall Westbrook, LevelTen Interactive

Since I usually travel to attend a Drupal event, this camp was a real treat. The location was only a 30 minute drive, and that’s with Austin traffic!

The camp was also a great opportunity to see Drupal activity in the area — companies who recently switched to Drupal (such as Schwab) sent whole teams, and companies quietly using Drupal and those with remote employees in Texas made their presence known. We even had a few new Drupal transplants, including Michael Tucker, CEO of BlueSpark, who recently moved to the city. Welcome, Michael!

This camp was a great way to spend a weekend and I look forward to attending again in 2018.

- Johanna