A warm amazee.io welcome to Jessica Perschke - our new Software Engineer!

Welcome Jessica Perschke to amazee.io

Jessica grew up on the east coast of the US and enjoys playing with nearly all aspects of technology. She spent a year learning Python and Java before joining amazee.io. She’s most proud of her critical thinking and communication skills, and it’s a great workday for her when she’s engineered a perfect solution to an imperfect problem.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys playing video games. She’s also a big fan of Animal Crossing, Don’t Starve, and Overcooked, and enjoys tinkering with technology. She used to swim competitively and was a 500 meter IM champion.

Jessica’s most looking forward to working with knowledgeable Amazees while professionally contributing to open source software - something which she’s passionate about.

Welcome to the team Jessica!