A logo for Lagoon

Three years ago, amazee.io was founded as a secure, high-performance, cloud-based container hosting provider. It was born within the Amazee Group, a leading international digital services company. Prior to launching as a separate entity, the team behind amazee.io had already been providing demand-driven hosting to major clients globally as part of Amazee Labs. Incorporating learnings along the way and, contributions from the open source community, amazee.io built and open-sourced a developer-driven, container-based hosting platform and called it Lagoon.

Since its release in August 2017, Lagoon now hosts thousands of websites around the world. Being open source means anyone can use the platform with or without amazee.io’s managed services. It’s important to us to maintain the distinction between amazee.io as the managed hosting services provider and Lagoon as the open source platform we support and maintain. And with Lagoon’s growing user-base, we decided it was time to give it its own distinct brand.

The Lagoon Brand

In developing the Lagoon brand, the key attributes we wanted to convey were: • Openness • Transparency • Cutting edge • Portability • Congruency • Momentum

The Logo

The amazee.io logo features a strong geometric shape: a circle. We wanted the Lagoon logo to be supported by an equally weighty mark. After experimenting and iterating, we landed on a hexagon, augmented to convey additional shapes that represent Lagoon. Within the design, you’ll find a multidimensional open container.

To build on the parallels between amazee.io and Lagoon, we considered both color and shape. With roots in Drupal and amazee.io, we chose the color blue to pay homage to Lagoon’s origin. A gradient was added to convey a sense of depth, movement, and transparency.

Free and Open

Just as Lagoon is free and completely open source, its logo is free for use, both online and off. Want a download file or a sticker pack? Drop us a line, connect with us on Twitter, or find us at an upcoming event.