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Kubernetes + Lagoon

Lagoon is the open-source web hosting platform that enables global teams to scale with ease – without requiring knowledge of Kubernetes, the open-source container orchestration system trusted by the world’s most innovative organizations.

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Chooseyour own software, hardware, and services
Run any combination of applications all in one cluster.
100% Application Agnostic to flexibly run anything in any container
Run a fully-managed stack on your infrastructure of choice without vendor lock-in.
Focuson your application
Developers can focus on writing code instead of configuring and maintaining infrastructure.
15-20% developer productivity boost
With Lagoon, the entire hosting stack is managed by a team of experts at, offloading its maintenance from customers’ core engineering teams.
average 90% savings on hosting platform and infrastructure setup
Launchand iterate faster
Get to market faster by streamlining your DevOps.
launch 4x faster
The Lagoon build and deploy system streamlines test environment creation and deployments.
spin up new environments in minutes
Runwith confidence 24x7x365
Achieve maximum application uptimes.
88% downtime reduction monitors 24/7 and offers enterprise SLAs.
support available round the clock in 15 minutes
Saveon major capital and operating expenses
Optimize hardware resources with autoscaling and dynamic re-allocation across projects as needed.
56% infrastructure cost savings
Benefit from less overhead with providing 24x7 systems maintenance and support.
up to 80% operational cost savings
Growwith ease sustainably
Kubernetes autoscales to handle traffic spikes, eliminating the need to run (and pay for) maximum resources year-round.
96% fewer requiredin VM resource
When the system is stressed, Lagoon dynamically reallocates resources across the Kubernetes cluster to prevent downtimes.
adapts in seconds