+ AWS’s ZeroOps application delivery platform runs out of the box in any Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment.

Customers can deploy and run either on’s AWS cloud clusters (currently supported regions) or on the AWS infrastructure of their choosing - anywhere in the world.’s ZeroOps application delivery platform runs on AWS in every region globally.

AWS Zurich Region Launch is proud to have been selected as an AWS launch partner for AWS Europe (Zurich), allowing AWS customers to have their workloads close to them including full data residency in Switzerland.

Swiss Customers running on AWS + AWS Marketplace = the easiest way to get started

Find and use the ZeroOps platform and services easily through AWS Marketplace.

No new contracts are necessary, since you’ll be leveraging existing AWS contracts and billing methods.

Take advantage of a streamlined, frictionless purchase experience. is proud to be a trusted and qualified AWS Partner