Toby Bellwood

Director, Product Engineering Lagoon

Hailing from the Isle of Man, and having lived in Canberra, Australia for the last 22 years, Toby has had a wide and diverse career, mostly technology-focused, but with a few interesting tangents (ask him about them sometime!).  He’s a long-time map, data, and open source nerd, but seems to be happiest talking to people about the tech he’s passionate about.

Toby joined from the Australian Government Department of Finance, where he was the Tech Lead for GovCMS (the whole-of-government web platform, built on Drupal, and hosted on Lagoon), and before that, he was the Lead for the Australian Government’s Open Data platforms. Toby’s been a Lagoon contributor for the last couple of years, and through his role at GovCMS he has collaborated with on many of the recent evolutions to the product.  His experience running hundreds of high-profile sites, serving hundreds of millions of pageviews on the Lagoon platform brings a keen enterprise focus, as well as a strong understanding of the needs of a broad range of user communities.

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