Michael Schmid

Head of Technology and Co-founder

Michael Schmid, some people might know him as “Schnitzel,” is a hopeless optimist and tech nerd through and through. He's been driven by a passion for technology and always wanted to know more about how things work since childhood. This started with checking out library books on coding and typing examples in by hand and continued through learning about leadership as a First Lieutenant in the Swiss military, gaining hands-on experience as a developer, and carries on today in his current role as Head of Technology and Co-founder of amazee.io.

Michael likes to learn by doing and keeps his skill set wide instead of specializing. He's always interested in learning the next skill set that will help a project or company move forward, whether that means new tech, business strategies, or effective management processes. To support this, he knows how to build a team of experts and help them reach their full potential. Michael thrives on optimizing and orchestrating systems in all forms, whether it’s managing a distributed global company or building a fully open source containerized hosting platform with his amazeeng team.

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