Host Anything, Anywhere's hosting platform, Lagoon, is completely flexible and portable. Built with Kubernetes and containers, it supports any web technology ‚Äčor hosting infrastructure. Whether in your own cloud infrastructure account, or an on-premises server, or on any of our cloud servers located around the world, you can host what you need, where you need it.

Dedicated Hosting

For organizations with unique specifications and compliance requirements,'s enterprise-grade dedicated hosting services deliver simplicity, security, and stability to their teams across IT, marketing, and development.

For websites and applications that aren't mission-critical, cloud hosting with provides best-in-class support to get up and running quickly and the technology to make ongoing development and maintenance a breeze.

Cloud Hosting

Developer empowerment

Lagoon was built by developers for developers, and's managed hosting services are built to make our customers' development teams successful. Developers can work in 100% congruent local environments, create new test environments on the fly, and maintain full control of their code.

24/7 monitors your server around the clock, and our team of engineers is on duty 24/7/365 to investigate and mitigate incidents immediately.

Secure takes security seriously, passing rigorous audits and offering a GDPR-compliant platform.


We set up Lagoon to handle unplanned spikes in traffic and usage. Your server's resources will scale automatically when needed.


Lagoon runs the latest technologies and is built to deliver the most performant development, deployment, and end-user experiences possible.


Developers manage their own code in their own git repository and define the processes that work best for their team.


We offer full transparency into the Lagoon stack so developers have visibility into what they're running and how it's performing.

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