A Better Hosting Solution

amazee.io has been hosting Drupal for over eight years, and Lagoon is the fourth major iteration of our hosting platform. The third iteration was built around Puppet and Ansible, where every single piece of the platform was done with configuration management. This allowed fast setup of new servers, but it lacked customizability for developers.

With the rise of decoupled Drupal and the need to run Node.js on the server side, plus the requests for Elasticsearch or different Solr versions, our third-generation platform just wasn't enough.

We had been using Docker for local development and wanted to use it for everything in production, but there wasn't a way to connect the local development and production environments. There were systems that allowed you to run Drupal in Docker in production but nothing allowed you to test the exact same images and services locally and in production.

Thus, Lagoon was born in 2017 as a cutting-edge, completely Docker-based system. It is fully open source, because we believe open source code deserves an open source hosting platform.

Always Advancing

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