Discover the benefits of

Lagoon + Kubernetes

For Developers

Lagoon equips developers with better deployment processes, the freedom of local development, and the flexibility of a Docker-based environment.

By Developers

Built by the same people who use it, Lagoon continuously evolves with new features, functionality, and contributions from the open source community.

With Lagoon, developers define and customize the services
they need and can run and test them locally.

Based on Microservices
Docker logo

The container technology
of Docker is the base of the
Lagoon stack. 

Openshift Logo

OpenShift is an enterprise-
grade orchestration system
focused on security.

Kubernetes logo

Kubernetes is the system that
ensures a site is reachable no
matter what happens.

Built for Flexibility & Robustness​

Thanks to microservices, we can replace a single service with another
language without it affecting other parts of the platform.

Microservices communicate through RabbitMQ, allowing Lagoon to scale and survive downtimes of individual services and isolate production.

Lagoon manages deployments and code repositories with Git and uses chat-based notification systems to track them.

Though leveraging multiple programming languages, Lagoon is mostly based on Node.js which allows asynchronous processing of webhooks, tasks, and more.

Lagoon can run any Docker image and is not Drupal-specific, but there are existing Docker images specifically for Drupal and support for specific Drupal tools like Drush.

Compatible with any
Open Source Framework

Develop Locally

Lagoon development environments are 100% congruent with production.

Scale With Ease
Scale with Ease

Built to scale, Lagoon handles traffic peaks and valleys by increasing and decreasing resources as needed – automatically.

Deploy With Confidence
Deploy with Confidence

Lagoon's self-service system allows you to set up a separate development environment for every Git branch and pull request – within seconds.

Integrates with Powerful Tools
Content Delivery
Continuous Integration
Application Monitoring