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Meet Matt Swan, our new UX Product Designer

Welcome to the team, Matt Swann

We are stoked to introduce’s new UX Product Designer, Matt Swann. Matt's journey has taken him from the vineyards of the Barossa Valley to the vibrant world of hospitality and eventually into the realm of web development. Matt has found his true calling as a UX Product Designer, where he can combine his people skills with his digital expertise.

Matt's passion for simplicity and creating intuitive interfaces shines through in his work. His mantra is "Keep It Simple" (KIS) – making complex concepts accessible and user-friendly. He takes great pleasure in transforming complicated ideas into seamless user experiences. Helping others and witnessing their success is what motivates him and makes his workdays fulfilling.

Working remotely can sometimes feel isolating, but he has seen firsthand how the team has embraced and excelled in this remote work environment. This sense of camaraderie and collaboration is something he eagerly looks forward to.

Matt himself finds solace and creative release in two other passions—cooking and DJing. Making incredible food is his ultimate stress reliever, and he finds comfort in crafting dishes from scratch, particularly pasta with a mouthwatering sauce. And when it's time to unwind and annoy the neighbors just a little, he turns up the volume and embraces his love for music as a DJ.