A warm amazee.io welcome to Salvatore Pappalardo – our new Systems Engineer

Salvatore Pappalardo - Systems Engineer

Born in Catania Italy, Salvatore has lived in many towns in Italy and abroad, but now he’s based between Sicily and Rome — mostly. He is an open-minded person with a strong passion for technology and innovation in all its forms. With over ten years of experience in remote work, Salvatore likes to call himself a remote work evangelist. 

He’s a software developer with strengths on the backend and Ops. He’s also a tech lover, sci-fi reader, movie enthusiast, and TED talk addict. 

Salvatore started developing websites for friends and small businesses in his hometown in Sicily, driven by the passion for the fast-evolving Web field. After university, he moved to Milan for his first professional job as a software developer and wannabe Oracle Database Administrator at Moby — a large enterprise in the maritime industry.  

After that, Salvatore worked as a freelancer/consultant with companies across varied sectors. Because of this, he remains active in learning different areas of expertise: DevOps, Frontend, Backend, PM, Customer support.

Salvatore also co-founded several startups where he became increasingly interested in doing tasks and solving problems that weren’t strictly related to software development, but he never lost focus on tech stuff or staying updated with emerging technology trends.

He describes himself as passionate and pragmatic, empathetic and proud of his communication and conflict resolution skills, his attention to detail and his willingness to take initiative. 

He enjoys learning new things and improving the overall quality of the product he’s working on. And just as important, sharing those improvements with his team and making them reusable for future development. That’s why he’s so excited to make open-source contributions in the cloud-native field – he can’t wait to learn new things and share them with others! 

Salvatore’s always been passionate about technology, economics, and art in general: music, cinema, and television broadcast — especially the weird and bizarre ones! In his spare time, he participates in sports, catches up with friends, and enjoys reading technical books and exploring ideas or side projects that can have a positive social impact.